Decision Provenance ontology (DecPROV) (dprov)

This ontology is a reduced-in-scope version of the [W3C Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator Group]('s Decision Ontology (DO) which can be found at . It has been re-worked to align entirely with the W3C's [PROV ontology]( since it is widely recognised that analysing the elements of decisions *post hoc* is an exercise in provenance. Unlike the original DO, this ontology cannot be used for *normative* scenarios: it is only capable of recording decisions that have already been made (so-called *data-driven* use in the DO). This is because PROV, to which this ontology is completely mapped, does not have a templating system which can indicate what *should* occur in future scenarios. This ontology introduces only one new element for decision modelling over that which was present in the DO: an Agent which allows agency in decision making to be recorded.